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Stubby Aio is a joint project between Vaping Bogan, the famous Aussie critic, self-murder Mods and Orca Vape to produce this amazing product, a one-of-a-kind device for all vapers. This device is customizable, versatile, and easy to use.



Stubby AIO, a premium vaping device that combines the expertise of Orca Vape, Suicide Mods and Vaping Bogan. This sleek and powerful device has a 80W chip set that is reliable, efficient and covered by a 3 year warranty. It is compatible with any Boro tank, or you can use the exclusive RDTA that comes with it. The device runs on a single 18650 battery (sold separately) that is safely stored in its own compartment and secured by a thumb screw. The Stubby RDTA has a generous 8.7ml juice capacity and a two post, four terminal, build deck with a stainless steel wicking system. This tank offers a classy and satisfying vaping experience for all kinds of vapers.

Stubby vaping devices were created through a collaboration between Orca Vape, Suicide Mods, and Vaping Bogan. These compact and customizable vapes are designed with versatility in mind. They can use different types of boro tanks or their own RDTA tank, which has an 8.7ml e-liquid capacity and a dual post single coil build deck. The wireless 80W chipset in Stubby vapes supports bypass mode and temperature control, and is easily removable for maintenance. Depending on the model, Stubby vapes are powered by a single battery, either 18650 or 21700, and have a USB-C charging port. Additionally, Our vapes come in a variety of colors and have numerous accessories to choose from, such as airflow pins, button sets, tank reservoirs, and MTL conversion kits. These vapes are suitable for all levels of vapers who desire a satisfying and classy vaping experience.