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Stubby AIO by Vaping Bogan, Orca Vapes, and Suicide Mods, has managed to carve a niche due to its sleek, pocket-sized design without compromising on power, courtesy of its single 18650 battery​​. This post delves into the battery performance of the Stubby 21 AIO 18650, comparing it with other batteries and mods to give you a well-rounded view of where it stands in the market.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the analysis, it’s essential to understand the basics of battery performance in vaping devices. The battery’s capacity, measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), and its output, measured in volts (V), play a critical role in the overall vaping experience. Higher mAh ratings indicate longer battery life, while the voltage determines the amount of power delivered to the vaporizer.

stubby aio battery

Stubby AIO 18650 Battery Performance

The Stubby AIO relies on a single 18650 battery, which is known for its balance between capacity and output. The 18650 battery type is renowned for its reliability and is a common choice among vapers. When fully charged, these batteries typically have a voltage of 4.2V, which gradually decreases as the battery discharges.

In the Stubby AIO, the 18650 battery’s performance is enhanced by the mod’s efficient design, which ensures that every ounce of power is utilized optimally. The device’s compact design also means less energy is wasted, contributing to a longer-lasting vaping experience between charges.

Comparing with Other Batteries

When compared to other battery types like the 20700 or 21700, the 18650 might seem less impressive in terms of capacity. However, its smaller size makes it a preferable choice for compact mods like the Stubby AIO.

  1. Capacity: 18650 batteries usually have capacities ranging from 1800mAh to 3500mAh. In contrast, 20700 and 21700 batteries offer capacities up to 5000mAh, which translates to longer battery life. However, they are larger in size, making them unsuitable for compact mods.

  2. Output: The voltage output across these batteries is relatively similar, but the larger batteries may offer a bit more stability in output throughout the vape session.

  3. Compatibility: The Stubby AIO is designed specifically for the 18650 battery, ensuring maximum compatibility and performance. On the other hand, mods designed for larger batteries might not perform optimally with an 18650 battery unless an adapter is used.

Comparing with Other Mods

Comparing the Stubby AIO with other mods also sheds light on its battery performance. Mods with built-in batteries often offer the benefit of a sleek design, but at the cost of battery life and power. On the other hand, mods that use external batteries like the Stubby AIO offer the vaper the flexibility to carry spare batteries, extending the vape session.

  1. Battery Life: Mods with higher capacity batteries or dual-battery setups will offer longer battery life compared to the Stubby AIO. However, the Stubby AIO strikes a balance between size and battery life, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go vapers.

  2. Power Output: High-wattage mods will drain batteries faster, and in such cases, having a mod that uses a larger or dual battery setup might be more beneficial. The Stubby AIO, with its single 18650 setup, is geared towards vapers who prefer a moderate wattage range, thus ensuring satisfactory battery life.

  3. Convenience: The Stubby AIO stands out in terms of convenience. Its compact design, coupled with the reliable performance of the 18650 battery, presents a mod that is easy to carry around without constant worry about charging.


The Stubby AIO 18650 stands as a testament to the innovation in the vaping industry, delivering a compact mod without skimping on battery performance. While it might not outshine mods with larger or dual battery setups in terms of battery life, it holds its ground firmly in offering a reliable, convenient vaping experience. The balance it strikes between size, power, and battery life makes it a worthy consideration for any vaper looking to enjoy a hassle-free vape session.